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Organic Search

Search Engine Marketing has many advantages for advertisers. Most major search engines’ paid campaigns are PPC (Pay Per Click) models. Advertisers only pay when an ad is clicked, not for each impression – giving you a higher return on your search engine marketing investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Natural search engine listings are the result of a search engine returning Web pages that relate to a user’s query, according to that search engine’s complex algorithm. Each search engine algorithm ranks the relevance of the Web page content to the keyword on which the search was performed.

Natural search results are not marked as “sponsored” or “featured” – they are not paid listings. Spider-based search engines use their own complex ranking algorithms to “crawl” through websites within their index and “judge” their relevancy to specific search queries conducted by search engine users. The more relevant the site’s content to a specific query, the higher that site will rank within the search engine results.

A website’s placement within a search engine’s natural search results fluctuates often as search engine algorithms are changing on a continual basis. We have developed sophisticated strategies that include alterations to site structure, meta data and alt text (embedded within the html coding of the page), and visible site content that will help ensure that your website stays ahead of these changes as well as the competition for top placement within the results.

Before developing or altering your website content, we analyze the search behavior of your target audience – the keywords and phrases that they would query in search engines to find the products/services you offer, and the appropriate landing page on your website that would present relevant and helpful information to them. By easily finding what they need, more visitors are likely to take the action you want them to take once they arrive at your site.

Natural search engine optimization is a continuing process, not a one-time project. With our proven effective search engine optimization solutions, we can deliver highly qualified visitors to your website.

Traditional search engine optimization services include: keyword research and selection, web page content enhancement, meta-tag development and implementation, linking strategy development and implementation, directory listing development and submission, web page submission and campaign results reporting.

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