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What’s an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to generate revenue online, whether you are an advertiser or a website owner. Any affiliate program can build traffic. Successful affiliate programs will generate targeted traffic that can effectively convert into the desired action (leads, sales, etc.).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing includes all types of internet advertising – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, banner and text links, and blogging and podcasting.

We know that fulfilling your needs is the biggest factor in determining your success. At On Design Solutions, start with a needs assessment to develop an understanding of your goals and objectives, and then create a custom affiliate program solutions.

Our professional team can help you choose an affiliate network, or we can build an in-house network for you. We can utilize any current banner designs that you have, or our internal design staff can design effective banners for you.

On Design Solutions Affiliate Solutions is the complete affiliate management solution. We can handle all of the recruiting, implement tracking, communicate with your affiliates, and ensure that your program is meeting its goals.

We take care of your affiliates so that you can return to what’s most important to you, your business.

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