A closer look at Experian AudienceView

This week sees the release of Experian AudienceView – an exciting new product we’ve launched which will allow businesses to gain unparalleled insight and understanding about their customers.

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Experian AudienceView allows you to define an audience by virtually any characteristic and then see the online behaviours of that anonymous audience, including the websites they visit, what search terms they type into Google, how they move around the web – the list goes on and on.

Using this tool you have the capabilities to view your bespoke audience dynamically over time, and watch how key trends and major events affect your customers. You can then alter you marketing strategy to adjust to changes in economic climate, or react quickly to threats from an emerging competitor.

The beauty about AudienceView is that there are limitless permutations of audiences you can create depending on how niche a segment you want to find out more about. We’ve put together just ten examples of audiences you could explore specifically in the automotive industry.

AudienceView Automotive segments.png

Let’s take the audience of new car buyers as an example. We can isolate this niche audience by observing people’s intent to buy a new car through search. An anonymous audience is created of people who made a search on one or more of over 250,000 unique search term variations driving traffic to automotive manufacturer websites that included the word ‘new’ a small selection of which have been included in the word cloud below.

AudienceView Automotive wordcloud.png

So what can we learn about this audience of new car buyers? Perhaps most importantly, this group are heavily engaged with automotive websites, and in fact new car buyers are more than twice as likely to visit a manufacturer’s website as the general online population.

By observing the key audience trends we can see that new car buyers are also sports fanatics and are 10% more likely to visit sports websites than the average Internet user but they are less likely to use email as a communication channel so this is not a great avenue to reach this niche audience. New car buyers love German brands, especially BMW and Audi but are less enamoured with French cars from Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. Because of their familiarity with the industry, new car buyers also search differently than average consumers, and are much more likely to search for specific models and dash systems than broader generic brand searches.

These insights and observations just scratch the surface of what is possible with AudienceView. This is a state of the art segmentation tool which allows clients to know their audiences like never before. We will be running webinar sessions on AudienceView in the coming weeks to further highlight the capabilities of the tool.

Stay tuned on Twitter and YouTube or visit the AudienceView page for more information.

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